Foothill High School PTSA

Welcome to the Foothill High School PTSA!  The Foothill Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) works on behalf of the entire Foothill community to advocate for academic excellence and enrichment of the educational experience of our students.

The Foothill PTSA supports and enhances the educational experiences of Foothill's students by:

Providing an organization through which the parents, school, teachers and students can work cooperatively

  • Supporting the academic and enrichment needs of the students

  • Encouraging meaningful parent, teacher and student engagement

  • Supporting effective, school-wide communications

  • Providing financial support for programs not funded by the annual school budget

Foothill PTSA is an affiliate of the National PTA.

As an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on the generous donations of our members and the Foothill community. You can help by becoming a member of the PTSA and by making a donation to our Foothill Enrichment Fund. Throughout the year, we hope to provide more than $80,000 to Foothill, supporting vital services for every student. However, our reach extends far beyond the classroom.

We are your primary link between home and school, providing:

  • Electronic communications - register for our newsletter.

  • Principal's Friday Forum to connect parents with administrators

  • Parent representation on school site and district councils

  • Volunteer support for registration and other school events